Dynamic Tape Biomechanical Taping Workshop

  • 18 Nov 2017
  • Milton Keynes

Dynamic Taping workshops are highly practical and clinically relevant courses that provide participants with a clear understanding of the major principles and equips them with a number of techniques that can be used immediately in clinical practice.

Manage Load. Manage Movement. Manage Function.

  • Identify indications and contraindications to utilizing Biomechanical Taping as an intervention
  • Apply fundamental understanding of biomechanics, joint orientation and structure, force vectors, and anatomy to develop mechanically sound taping techniques
  • Develop a scientific basis for utilizing Biomechanical Taping for evidence-based clinical practice, in conjunction with current knowledge of orthopaedics, neuroscience, and biomechanics, to create a complementary treatment strategy to maximize opportunities for successful outcomes
  • Differentiate the various benefits of Biomechanical Taping as they pertain to Movement Control, Force Contribution, Length-Tension Relationship, Tendon Compliance, Augmenting Force Closure, Soft Tissue Offload
  • Identify when Biomechanical Taping is indicated and who will benefit
  • Recognize the significant difference in physical properties and methodology between Biomechanical Taping, Kinesiology Taping and Rigid Sports taping and identify ways in which these can be used in combination to optimize treatments
  • Safely and effectively apply common Biomechanical Taping techniques including Power Band techniques
  • Design complementary mechanical treatments to improve impairments and functional limitations, including hands-on techniques, joint mobilizations, strengthening and stretching, and restoring normal movement patterns to improve overall outcomes.
Cost: £143.99 inc VAT

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