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CPD Courses

    • 28 Jul 2018
    • 09:30 - 16:30
    • Cardiff Medical Centre Sports and Social Club, University Hospital of Wales, Heath, Cardiff, CF14 4XW

    A 1-day CPD course looking at the structure and function of fascia and how to palpate and manipulate the structures.

    The course will cover the physiology and function of fascia, notes will be provided, and issues/injuries commonly associated with the structure. Techniques for affecting range of movement and reducing pain/discomfort will be carried out, including direct fascial manipulation and MFR.

    The course is practically focussed and will provide attendees with a variety of techniques that can be used immediately in the clinic or on the sports field.

    Run by SMA Member James Ogle, MSMA Lv. 4, BSc Hons in Sports Science and MSc in Performance Analysis.  James has had extensive experience for working with elite sports teams, click here to read more about James Ogle

    Cost: £80

    To apply to attend this workshop: please email James Ogle at enquiries@sportsmassagecardiff.net

    • 03 Aug 2018
    • 05 Aug 2018
    • King's Road Brighton, BN1 1NR

    In this course SMA Member Susan Findlay focuses on developing your understanding of common conditions of cancer and how this will influence your work as an oncology massage therapist.  It will include how to modify your massage techniques along with learning some new ones specific to a variety of cancer conditions. Included in the full qualification is scar work related to this field of work as well as home care advice that will have a positive impact and support your manual therapy.

    You will be given the opportunity to put into practice what you have learned on the cancer massage course within real life conditions, providing a massage session that takes your clients through the assessment, planning and application process along with suitable home care suggestions.

    Here's how it works:

    • The Online-Only oncology course teaches you the technical information (needs to be completed if you plan to go onto the following course days but is offered as a stand alone for £99).
    • Day 1 Practical Oncology Massage - This will teach you how to modify your manual therapy based on real life case studies for common cancer conditions (£185).
    • Day 2 Practical Oncology Massage - This will include a clinical session working with oncology clients as well as developing your manual techniques to include advanced soft tissue work as well as an introduction to scar work (£185).
    • Day 3 Practical Oncology Massage - This focuses on advancing your soft tissue skills, providing home care suggestions specific to your cancer clients and covering rehabilitation principles. Included in the day is a your final clinical cancer massage workshop which will integrate all that you have learned with end of day case study discussions (£185)Assessment for Certification is included in the Day 3 afternoon clinic.

    Book to attend the online course and all three days for a discounted overall cost of £499

    Full details of the course and booking instructions can be found by clicking here
    • 15 Sep 2018
    • 09:00 - 17:00
    • Chelsea and Westminster Hospital, London, SW10

    SMA Members Danielle White and Pentony O'Hagan have developed a brand new independent two-day course on fascial release techniques for the spine, breath and core.  The course will be held over two days (15/16 September, 2018) at Chelsea and Westminster Hospital.

    On this 2 day CPD we will cover:

    • Common problems and dysfunctions your client is presented with.
    • Assessment techniques both local and global.
    • Observational assessments for the breath.
    • Fascial release techniques. 
    • Soft Tissue Release.
    • Muscle Energy Technique.
    • Trigger Points
    • Movement based soft tissue strategies for the spine.
    • Breath retraining
    • How to integrate your new techniques into your practice and your business successfully.
    Cost: £347 (which can be paid on 1 go or in 3 or 6 instalments), which includes access to re-course online modules as well as the on-the-day content.  This fee also includes lifetime access to content relevant to the course in the online library.

    CLICK HERE for more information about the course or to book a spot.

    • 21 Sep 2018
    • 09:00 - 17:30
    • De Vere Staverton Estate, Daventry Road, Daventry, NN11 6JT
    • 15

    Biotensegrity Informed Hands-on Approaches To Chronic Pain Problems

    In this fast paced, hands-on, transformative educational workshop John Sharkey will approach the treatment of chronic shoulder pain and chronic lower extremity pain by providing his unique approach to manual therapy via his internationally acclaimed model:

    “Biotensegrity- Anatomy for the 21st Century”.

    Join John as he merges mechanotransduction, fascia as a hydraulic amplifier, integrated anatomy, helical forces and neuromuscular considerations that provide a practical, hierarchical approach to resolving global chronic pain issues. Accurate assessment skills provide the foundation for effective soft tissue interventions. If assessments are anatomically wrong then the intervention strategy will be wrong too. Rather than helping to solve a pain issue the poorly informed therapist can unwittingly be adding to the problem or creating a new problem for their client/patient.

    Avail of John’s more than thirty years of experience in anatomy and manual therapies. Come away from this educational event with a new sense of confidence in your skills and knowledge.

    Get ready to bring this knowledge and improved soft tissue skills to your clinical practice. Better results for your clients will compound your reputation as a true expert within your community setting you aside from your competitors.

    • 22 Sep 2018
    • 17:15 - 18:30
    • De Vere Staverton Estate, Daventry Road, Daventry, NN11 6JT



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    Member are entitled to attend the AGM at no charge and are not required to attend the Conference beforehand. While guests are welcome to attend the SMA AGM, voting is restricted to SMA members. There will be a drinks reception immediately after the AGM.

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    • 20 Oct 2018
    • 09:30 - 17:00
    • Chelsea and Westminster Hospital, London, SW10

    SMA Member Danielle White has developed a brand new independent one day course on instrument assisted soft tissue mobilisation (IASTM) for Soft Tissue Therapists.

    This one day CPD you will learn the science behind IASTM, how to apply instrument assisted massage techniques into your practice and add movement into your treatment.

    Instrument Assisted Soft Tissue Mobilisation (IASTM) is a type of massage technique that can be integrated in many ways into your practice. It is non-invasive and adds many other benefits into your practice than just a “hand-saver”.

    What you will learn on the course is as follows:

    • How to use instrument assisted tools into your practice to maximise treatments.
    • The effects of instrument assisted soft tissue mobilisation on the neurological system.
    • What the current research says about IASTM and how this applies in your treatments.
    • Ways of integrating movement into your practice with IASTM to create an effective treatment for your clients.
    Cost: £177 (which can be paid on 1 go or in 2 or 4 instalments), which includes access to a pre-course online module on fascia, the brain and nervous system in relation to Soft Tissue Therapy as well as the on-the-day content.  This fee also includes lifetime access to content relevant to the day in the online library.

    CLICK HERE for an information sheet about the course or HERE to book.

    • 20 Oct 2018
    • 10:00 - 17:00
    • The London School of Osteopathy, 12 Grange Road, London SE1 3BE


    Paula’s workshops are highly practical and clinically relevant courses that provide participants with a clear understanding of the major principles, and equips them with a number of techniques that can be used immediately in clinical practice.

    In this course you will learn:

    • Clinical reasoning
    • When and how to provide input
    • Soft Tissue and mobilising techniques for the shoulder, which you will be able to use the very next day
    • Rehabilitation exercises
    Cost: £135

    • 09 Nov 2018
    • 11 Nov 2018
    • The London School of Osteopathy

    This is the second of two CPD courses from Til Luchau to be held in London in 2018. The first course will be held in March (click for details)

    November 2018


    A special 1-day version of the material covered in our "Spine, Ribs & Low Back Part II" workshop. We'll focus on skills for relieving spinal fixations, increasing spine mobility, and more. All welcome.


    In one of the newest additions to the popular Advanced Myofascial Techniques series, you’ll learn hands-on advanced myofascial techniques that dramatically improve your ability to work with the rib cage and related structures such as the spine, diaphragm and mediastinum. Increase your effectiveness when working with rib pain and injuries, ligament and joint conditions, respiratory issues, surgery recovery, thoracic stability, postural issues, and movement limitations.

    Til is a popular presenter and author of the bestselling Advanced Myofascial Techniques books. As a Certified Advanced Rolfer®, he is a former faculty member and Coordinator of the Rolf Institute's Foundations of Rolfing Structural Integration program. His regular Myofascial Techniques column has appeared in Massage & Bodywork magazine since 2009, and his articles have been published in magazines and peer reviewed technical journals. Formerly a resident practitioner at the Esalen Institute, Chair of the Rolf Institute’s Teacher Training Committee, and Adjunct Faculty member of Naropa University’s Somatic Psychology Department, Til has trained thousands of practitioners in his courses at schools and centers in over a dozen countries on six continents.



    How Much?

    £750 for BOTH courses in March & November, if paid in full by 22 January 2018

    £420 for SPINE I and SCOLIOSIS I + II (3-days in March)

    £390 Early Bird if paid in full by 22 January 2018

    £420 SPINAL FLEXION & EXTENSION and RIB ISSUES I + II (3-days in November)

    £390 Early Bird if paid in full by 24 September 2018

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